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Sep 24, 2009 - Cleanenergyconnection.com

The UN Summit in Copenhagen highlighted the effect our energy consumption has taken upon our environment. On September 22, President Obama made a clear statement in his speech at the UN General Assembly when he called on nations to embrace clean energy. As more and more of these clean energy technologies become available, something must be done to help make buyers aware of what has made it to market.

Enter the new website Clean Energy Connection (CEC). The site is a network of 28 websites in total that focus on various industries and how they are implementing - and banking on - clean technology. This week alone they brought three more sites live, which were geared toward cars, houses, and fashion that revolves around the clean energy revolution.

"The market is showing a surge in supply while concurrently showing a surge in demand, but there is an obvious gap when it comes to the rate at which consumers are made aware of new products" According to Kathy Beyer-Conrad, a spokeswoman at the CEC. "The sooner consumers have the information about a product, the sooner they can buy it, and we can all breathe a little bit easier, literally."

The sites offer hours of carefully playlisted video on each topic alongside RSS feeds, wikis and forums. "We aggregate the information so that you don't have to" added Beyer-Conrad.

The days of oil burning and random google researching are coming to an end. Soon we'll be driving our clean cars to our clean jobs and while also getting our information more effectively. We are addressing the former by using the latter. CEC brings the clean energy products in a clean manner for easy reading.

One of the clean energy projects CEC is developing is the Clean Energy Connections Directory. This B2B directory is an exclusive, industry contacts database, available to green collar professionals. "The more the clean energy industry grows, the more there is a need for a trusted, comprehensive, high-quality, easy-to-use directory for the clean energy industry," said Charles Jackson, an independent contractor from California, specialising in clean energy HVAC market research. "We can't spend all day twittering, haplessly searching for potentially qualified contacts. We need a place where eco executives and other green professionals can network in order to further their business goals." By bringing together the best of breed innovators, investors, developers, and marketers of clean energy products and services, the Clean Energy Connections Directory answers this market need.

About Clean Energy Connection:
Clean Energy Connection is a privately-owned content network, aggregating and disseminating information to key targeted segments of the clean energy industry through a network of dozens of websites, email lists, social networks, and other online systems.

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