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Electricity Grid Quiz: Test Your Electron Wits

13 mostly tough questions about the electrical grid

June 5, 2011 - Eric Wesoff - greentechmedia.com

Jim Detmers is the former COO of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). His job -- and the job of any ISO -- is to KTLO (Keep The Lights On). He spoke at EPRI (the Electric Power Research Institute) last night in an event sponsored by Young Professionals in Energy and hosted by EPRI's Sarah Inwood and Pedram Mokrian of Mayfield Fund. It was the first in a series called "Behind the Light Switch: Electric Utility Fundamentals for the New Energy Professional."

Tonight's episode: Our Bulk Power System: The Fascinating World of Scheduling and Moving Electrons.

The evening began on a humbling note with a brief pop quiz on the power system. We divided into groups and the best any of these savvy energy folks could muster was 75 percent correct.

I'll cover Mr. Detmers' sobering presentation later today -- but for now -- put away your fragile ego and take the quiz. The questions were formulated by Detmers.

Some of the questions are a bit California-centric, but anyone with an interest in the electrical grid and some electricity know-how should give this a shot. It's one question per page and the answers are in red immediately following the question. It's on the honor system -- if you get all of them correct, let us know. There is no prize other than our immense respect and honor to have such a brilliant readership.