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Skyline Solar’s new LCPV system to be installed at 500kW power plant in Mexico

Mar 27, 2011 - Syanne Olson - pv-tech.org

In conjunction with debuting its new Skyline X14 system, Skyline Solar announced that the system would be used in a 500kW concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) project in Durango, Mexico. DelSol Systems, which will lead the construction on the solar installation, asserts that this will be the largest CPV plant in Latin America to date.

“The state of Durango is the leader in the deployment of clean, renewable solar energy in Mexico,” said Durango Governor C.P. Jorge Herrera Caldera. “Skyline Solar’s technology is ideal for this region because it takes advantage of our high solar radiation. Additionally, the system does not require much water or maintenance, resulting in a greater return on investment compared to traditional solar systems.”

The Skyline X14 system is said to be able to deliver a levelized cost of electricity less than US$0.10 per kilowatt hour. Skyline Solar states that its system can concentrate sunlight 14 times using durable glass reflectors and  a single-axis tracker system.