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Geothermal Pipeline Reaches Historic Levels: New EER Study Analyzes Market Development to 2020

Mar 26, 2009 - Emerging Energy Research

The global geothermal pipeline now exceeds 9,000 MW of projects under development –which, if executed to completion, will nearly double the installed global geothermal capacity of 10,500 MW built up over the past 30 years. Currently, there are over 215 commercial geothermal projects operating in 24 countries.

Emerging Energy Research is pleased to announce a new study -- Global Geothermal Markets & Strategies, 2009-2020 -- analyzing worldwide geothermal market opportunities, development activities, and player strategies in global geothermal markets. 

With a pipeline of more than 4,400 MW of confirmed projects, the US geothermal market is poised to more than double existing capacity over the next five years. After a period of cyclical growth, geothermal markets are heating up around the globe with sustained development expected in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Turkey, Chile and East Africa.

The current economic climate brings new challenges to the geothermal sector --approximately US$30 billion in capital will be required to transition the entire pipeline into operation. But the proliferation of carbon and renewable polices, technological advances, and developer forays into new markets, indicate the next decade will bring unprecedented growth for global geothermal markets.

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Through in-depth market intelligence and competitive analysis, EER's new study answers these key questions and more:

  • How will the economic climate impact project financing in the short-term and when will the market recover?
  • What will the impact of new technologies such as low temperature, EGS, and drilling technologies have on development timelines?
  • What  are the cost drivers in geothermal power, and what are the risks along the development value chain?
  • What are the most attractive geothermal markets outside the US and what are the strategies to break into these markets?
  • What impact will new climate and renewable focused policies have on growth in traditional markets?
  • Which utilities and geothermal-based IPPs are leading the way, and which are looking to enter? 

Exhibit 4-1: Global Geothermal Market Evolution

global geothermal market
Source: Emerging Energy Research, Global Geothermal Markets and Strategies, 2009-2020