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Small hydro, wind power proj have 60,000-MW potential

Mar 10, 2008 - Asia Pulse Data Source

India has been able to tap about 10,000 MW of the 60,000-MW power generating potential available from small hydro and wind projects, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.

In a written reply, Vilas Muttemwar, Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy, said the potential of small hydropower projects in the country is estimated at 15,000 MW, while that of wind power at 45,000 MW.

Small hydropower projects have a capacity of up to 25 MW.

"So far, small hydro projects of 2,061 MW and wind power projects of 7,940 MW (as on 31.1.2008) have been set up in the country," he said.

Muttemwar said the new and renewable ministry is providing central financial assistance (CFA) for setting up small and mini hydro power projects in public as well as private sectors.

"The CFA is to meet 75 per cent of the project cost limited to Rs 30,000 per water mill for mechanical application and Rs 1 lakh per water mill for mechanical and electrical applications," he said.

In response to another query, the minister said there exists a potential of around 84,776 MW in the country for power generation from various renewable sources such as wind, biomass, small hydro and solar.

The grid-interactive power generation capacity from renewablesources reached 11,273.62 MW as on December 21, 2007, he said.


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