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Central Highlands to Become Vietnam's Largest Hydropower Centre

Aug 18, 2008 - BBC Monitoring - Asia Pacific

The Central Highlands is expected to become the country's largest hydro-power centre by 2010, as it will have hydro- power plants of a combined capacity of 5,000 MW, equal to one third of the current capacity of the national power grid.

According to a report by the Central Highlands ' Steering Board, Central Highlands provinces are building a series of hydro-power plants in the region's rivers of Serepok, Se San and Dong Nai. Many other projects were put into operation, providing electricity to the national grid, including Dray H'Linh plant in Dac Lac, Ya Ly and Se San 3 plants in Gia Lai.

The report said that six projects with a combined capacity of 750 MW will be built in Serepok river in Dac Lac province. Of the projects, construction has started on five.

Central Highlands provinces also encourage businesses to invest in hundreds of small and medium hydro-power plants. Dac Lac province alone zoned off 100 sites for hydro-power plants, 29 of them are being under construction.

The Steering Board said besides contributing electricity to the national grid, those projects have generated thousands of jobs for local people, effectively improving people's life.

Originally published by VNA news agency website, Hanoi, in English 17 Aug 08.

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