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Iran planning to construct 20 nuclear power plants

Feb 19, 2006 - BBC Monitoring

Tehran - A Majlis deputy from Tabriz, Azarshahr and Osku, Mohammad Hoseyn Farhangi, has said: "The preparation, study and construction of 20 nuclear power plants have been envisaged in the upcoming year's budget bill."

Farhangi, who was speaking at a gathering of commanders of the Basij resistance bases at offices, companies and trade unions in Tabriz, added: Iran intends to design and construct 20 nuclear power plants therefore we need nuclear technology to achieve our objective. He stressed: Following 1,400 person-day of inspections of Iran's nuclear installations, it has been proved that our objective is to pursue peaceful nuclear energy. We need this energy and technology for medical, agricultural and similar purposes. However, the West does not want Iran and the Islamic world to achieve scientific development so that it can continue to impose its arrogant policies on nations and governments.

The Tabriz MP stressed: As Iranians, we enjoy the necessary national solidarity to defend our rights against bullying countries and we shall continue to follow our national interests. He concluded: West's double standards are not acceptable. We do not need nuclear weapons and Islam is basically and logically against weapons of mass destruction.