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2010 Deep Research Report on China PV Power Station

May 6 , 2010 - researchandmarkets.org

China has become the largest Solar Cell Module producer in the world
since 2008, and this figure includes the output of Taiwan, which
accounted for 40% in the worldwide. Due to the short demand of
photovoltaic products in the home markets, almost less than 1%, the
Solar Cell Module in china are almost exported. However, this situation
has changed since 2009.

The construction photovoltaic subsidy policy, issued in March, 2009, was
once considered optimistic in the photovoltaic industry. Although there
was no great demand in the actual implementation, this indeed showed
that Chinese photovoltaic market had come out. The following "Golden
Sun" policy, issued in July, 2009, brought about a real demand of 640MW.
Meanwhile, many project subsidies will have been allocated to the
project owner before the December 31st, 2009. This phenomenon suggests
that it is a government-supported industry and appropriate measures can
be taken efficiently.

However, the most concerned on-grid price policy has still not been
issued in the end of 2009. The authors estimate that it would be
promulgated in 2010. If the previous policies, such as building
photovoltaic and golden sun, were a prelude, then the on-grid price
policy would be the basis for explosive photovoltaic demands. Up to the
end of 2009, an intention agreement for solar power plant project of
more than 13GW has been signed; meanwhile, the first phase project of
more than 1 GW has commenced. These are the arrival signs of on-grid
price policy.

According to the estimates and strategies from the senior government
officials, the authors are optimistic about this policy; furthermore, it
is estimated that the accumulated installation capacity of China PV
industry will reach 20 GW by 2020, and this prediction is just the same
with the energy bureau. Unlike Europe and the United States, where the
photovoltaic products are mainly used in the household and construction
industry, China will make the ground photovoltaic station as the
backbone in the development of PV industry.

Therefore, the great photovoltaic demands in China might drive the
global PV industry into a new stage in the PV recession period.

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"Deep industry research report on China PV power station in 2010", is a
professional and comprehensive report in the field of China photovoltaic
power plants. In the report, information on the solar energy resource is
first introduced, then followed by the various links of photovoltaic
industry chains, and then the design and construction of photovoltaic
power plants and other relevant information.

The main photovoltaic subsidy policy, including national policies, some
key provincial and municipal policies and other relevant photovoltaic
projects: the building photovoltaic projects, Golden Sun projects and
other big intention project on the on-grid price policy, is described in
detail. It also covers the large-scale grid projects of more than 10 MW
and relevant statistics on installation capacity of different types of
owners, such as roof, Golden Sun, ground, on-grid, off-grid, lamps,
energy-saving, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Plants, crystalline
silicon, thin film and so on.

Meanwhile, the prediction on the installation capacity between 2010 and
2014 is made; and newly installed capacity and accumulated capacity
between 2010 and 2020 is also listed. Finally, detailed and
comprehensive investment analysis on grid power station of 100KW BIPV
and the 10MW ground PV are described, respectively.

Generally speaking, it is a professional and comprehensive deep research
report on the PV power stations in China. Therefore, it will be a
suitable reference for investment enterprises and solar energy industry
chain-related enterprises in the decision-making or marketing analysis.

During its preparation, it has gained large supports from engineers,
technicians and senior experts in PV power plants, installation
companies, inverter companies, relevant government agencies and various
areas of PV industry. Here, we want to express our great gratitude..

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