Kuwait University joins imec’s silicon solar cell industrial affiliation program

By Mark Osborne - 24 December 2012 -

Continuing Kuwait government efforts to build-out a renewable energy mix for the future, Kuwait University (KU) has teamed with European R&D centre, imec on its silicon solar cell industrial affiliation program.

Ludo Deferm, Executive Vice-President Business Development at imec said, “The need and importance of renewable energy is dominantly present in the Middle East region. With this collaboration we feel that Kuwait is taking a new and strategic step in establishing a key position in the field of silicon solar cell technology in the region.”

Key work will revolve around Kuwait University researchers collaborating with imec researchers at imec’s facilities in Leuven, Belgium that includes technology-modelling and simulation work, carried out by KU on advanced cell technologies.

KU is said to have expertise in this field which is intended to explore and validate possible innovations and future paths for solar cell technology.

Imec will also offer training sessions and scientific seminars in Kuwait for students and researchers with emphasis on supporting development of higher cell efficiencies and lower cost production of solar cells.

“Kuwait University is driven towards creating an enabling environment that could spur scientific research in the field of silicon solar cells in Kuwait, enhancing institutional capabilities and competence in this field,” commented Prof. Hasan Al-Sanad, Vice President for Research. “The intent is to open the door for scientific exchange, knowledge-sharing and skills acquisition through training and practical exposure that could benefit our faculty and scholars, to innovate, and gather in-depth knowledge and capability in the field."