US Army Corps of Engineers issues RFP for renewable energy projects

Aug 8, 2012 - Syanne Olson -


US Army Corps of Engineers issues RFP for renewable energy projects, which will be built on federal lands.

Through its Engineering and Support Centre, Huntsville, the US Army Corps of Engineers has issued a multiple-award task order contract (MATOC) RFP for US$7 billion in total contract capacity for the acquisition of locally generated, renewable and alternative energy through PPAs.

The US$7 billion capacity is expected to be used for the purchase of energy over a period of 30 years or less from renewable energy plants that are built and operated by contractors using private sector funding. Secretary of the Army John McHugh stated, "We believe the Federal Renewable and Alternative Energy contract will provide the Army with an important means to achieve its goal of one gigawatt of renewable energy projects by 2025."

The government means to only purchase the energy that is produced and not to buy any generation assets. The contractors will finance, design, build, operate, own and maintain the energy plants with the government contracting to purchase the power for up to 30 years under the terms outlined in site or project specific agreements from task orders awarded under multiple ID/IQ contracts.

"Development of this acquisition has included significant industry and government coordination to draw from the various experiences and lessons learned throughout," said Col. Nello Tortora, former commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville. "We received and analyzed more than 900 comments from industry in response to our draft Request for Proposal, and have responded to those comments through a series of frequently asked questions."

Projects can be located on any federal property located within the US including Alaska, Hawaii, territories, provinces and other property under the control of the US government for the duration of contract performance. The solicitation can be found here and will be available for 60 calendar days.

"We plan to conduct a pre-proposal conference in late August," said Tonju Butler, the procurement contracting officer in Huntsville. "Details on the conference and how to register will be released once plans are finalized."

"Contracts will be awarded to both large and small businesses according to four different renewable energy technologies: solar, wind, geothermal and biomass," said Sarah Tierney, the project's contracting specialist. "Task orders will be executed against the basic ID/IQ contracts, using fair opportunity procedures established in the Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 16."