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Acciona Delivers Two Solar Gardens to 1,200 Investors in Navarra, Spain

Sep 25, 2008 - Datamonitor

Acciona Solar has delivered two solar gardens to its over 1,200 owners in Corella and Bardenas Reales in Navarra, Spain.

The installations are connected to the grid and have been producing power since July, said Acciona Solar.

The Corella solar garden, with a capacity of 10.81MWp, is owned by 327 people who invested a total of E77.18 million. The Bardenas solar garden, with a capacity of 10.11MWp, is owned by 859 people who invested a total of E75.18 million.

Solar garden is a concept registered by the company to enable broad levels of society to invest in renewable energy. It is based on a grouping of individual photovoltaic installations on a common site with shared infrastructure and services.

Acciona Solar said that it has developed proprietary solar tracking technology under the Buskil brand in co-operation with other Navarra companies such as Ingeteam, Tacoi and STI Norland.


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