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Nicaragua placing its bets on solar energy

Oct 5, 2009 - EFE

Managua - Nicaragua intends to become less dependent on electricity from fossil fuels in the short term, and to do that the country is carrying out solar development projects along the Caribbean coast and in rural areas, the deputy energy minister said Monday.

"Four photovoltaic projects are being pursued to generate solar energy in the country, among which we can point to the Euro Solar program, which will benefit 42 communities (7,000 families) in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region," Lorenza Lanzas told a press conference in Managua.

She said the photovoltaic solar project will have the capacity to produce 1.2 KW of electric energy, to be used mainly for health, education and communications services - the latter by Internet and phone - at local community centers.

The Caribbean municipalities benefiting from the project are Bilwi, Prinzapolka, Siuna, Rosita and Waspam, she said.

"More than $2 million contributed by the European Union and $400,000 provided by the Nicaraguan government are being invested in this project," the deputy minister said.

The other three projects are being carried out in rural parts of the country, where home electrification will be provided with photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of 90 KW and which will be interconnected with a national network now under construction, she noted.

In addition, Lanzas announced that on Tuesday the first regional workshop on "business opportunities for solar energy in Central America" will take place in Managua.

At the workshop, she said, sector experts from around the region will analyze "experiences and obstacles" that limit the implementation of solar energy in Central America.

Nicaragua relies on fossil fuels for 80 percent of the energy it generates. EFE


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