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Real-Time Solar Grid Data Now Available

May 14, 2011 -

    The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) launched a new tool today that enhances the visibility of renewable resources on the grid.

    The new Solar Today web graph depicts real-time data of solar energy being generated on the ISO wholesale power grid, which serves 80 percent of California. The 24-hour real-time feature provides transparency to the variability of solar production within each day. The feature also provides the current megawatts being generated by solar power at any given time.

    The ISO also contributes to solar production through an onsite solar farm at its new Folsom headquarters, generating about 750 kilowatts to be used toward the facility's daily demand through rooftop and carport photovoltaic panels.

    Solar Today is one of many tools the ISO uses to make renewable production data public. Wind Today, the counterpart to Solar Today, shows real-time wind production on the grid. An overall snapshot of all renewable production for the previous day is also available on the ISO website through the Renewables Watch. This tool provides a look back on production for wind, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal and small hydroelectricity.

    All of these web tools can be accessed by visiting the Today's Outlook page at Direct Link:

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    The California ISO operates the state's wholesale transmission grid, providing open and non-discriminatory access supported by a competitive energy market and comprehensive planning efforts. Partnering with more than 90 client organizations, the ISO is dedicated to the continual development and reliable operation of a modern grid that operates at the least cost to the benefit of consumers. The ISO bulk power market allocates space on transmission lines, maintains operating reserves and matches supply with demand. Recognizing the importance of global climate change, the ISO welcomes new, advanced technologies that will help meet the energy needs of 30 million Californians efficiently and cleanly. The ISO is a nonprofit public benefit corporation.

    SOURCE: California Independent System Operator Corporation

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