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Chile continues solar growth with land concesions for 604MW

Aug 6, 2013 - Lucy Woods - pv-tech.org

Sun Edison ChileSeventeen applications for solar projects have received approval for land concessions from the Chilean government.

The Ministry of National Assets, which is in charge of managing and administrating state property in Chile, has approved 24 'non-conventional renewable energy' (NCRE) project applications, which total over 12,707 hectares of land, for land concessions.

Seven applications are wind farms, totaling 889MW, and 17 are solar, totaling 604MW.

The Minister of National Assets, Rodrigo Perez, said these projects would be a future contribution to Chile’s energy capacity, which currently stands at 17,000MW and is composed of 3% NCRE, 34% hydro and 63% thermal generation

All the concessions awarded have been given to foreign companies including Enel, Mainstream and SunEdison.


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