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Kilowattsol to provide monthly UK irradiance anomaly data free of charge


Sep 9, 2013 - By Andy Colthorpe - pv-tech.org

Kilowattsol, a yield assessment provider for photovoltaic projects, is to provide monthly solar irradiance abnormality maps for the UK, following the launch of similar services in Germany, France and Spain in February 2013.

According to Kilowattsol, solar irradiance can frequently vary more than 40% above or below the mean figure for the month. The new monthly data, to be issued free of charge, aims to provide solar power plant owners and operators with better means to accurately calculate the outputs and performances of projects.

The company will provide maps of horizontal irradiation anomaly data for the preceeding three months at the start of each month. A negative figure will indicate that irradiation was below the long-term average, while a positive figure will indicate that irradiation was above the average. Kilowattsol sounds a cautionary note that significant local variations can nonetheless occur. 

In addition to yield assessment services, Kilowattsol currently also provide clients with due diligence, site commissioning, factory audits and technical advice.

Kilowattsol chief executive officer Xavier Daval, said: “By publishing irradiation anomaly maps for the UK - one of Europe’s most dynamic PV markets -  KiloWattsol provides owners of small- and large-scale solar power generating systems alike with a valuable piece of information every month – at no cost. For our clients, understanding their PV system’s true potential starts here”.


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