Skyline Solarís HGS PV system installation makes Nipton, CA, the most solar-powered U.S. town - Tom Cheyney

Skyline Solar’s HGS PV system installation makes Nipton, CA, the most solar-powered U.S. town

Jun 22, 2010 - Tom Cheyney-

Nipton, CA, has become the highest per-capita solar town in the United States, thanks to the first commercial power system installation of Skyline Solar’s high-gain solar concentrator PV technology.

A 80KW (DC)/65.5KW (AC) rated HGS 1000 system featuring 48 single-axis tracker arrays and 752 panels will provide about 85% of the small community’s electricity needs, according to Skyline.

Annual output of the system, which occupies less than a half-acre,  is expected to be about 143MWh.

 “As the gateway community to the Mojave Desert, Nipton seeks to be a good steward of the environment, said Gerald Freeman, principal administrator for Nipton. “Sustainability is paramount to this endeavor..It is with this in mind that we are extremely pleased to be utilizing the HGS 1000 as our primary source of energy. And the HGS upgradability is a very attractive option.”

“This is a significant milestone in the development of our company as we strive to bring scalable, capital-efficient solar energy to utility, government and commercial customers,” said Bob MacDonald, CEO and cofounder of Skyline. “Our pre-engineered HGS system is ideal for large energy consumers. Nipton California, a town now 85% powered by clean, renewable solar energy, is a shining example to the rest of the country of how even small communities can help drive America’s goal of energy independence.”

(For many more details about Skyline’s Nipton installation, check out the Gunther Portfolio blog, which broke the story earlier this week.)


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