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Suntech to develop 20% of BIPV Solar Rooftop Program projects, China

Nov 13, 2009 - Emma Hughes- PV-tech.org

Suntech Power expects to develop approximately 20% of the 91MW of solar projects that were approved under China's Solar Rooftop Program, launched in March this year by the Ministry of Finance.Suntech BIVP integration

The solar rooftop program is designed to increase the energy efficiency of buildings through the installation of BAPV and BIPV solar systems. The first set of applications for this project was submitted in April 2009, however to date, 111 solar projects totaling 91MW across China have now been approved. These projects will now receive funds through the program in order to develop the systems. System owners can expect to receive approximately RMB13-17/watt rebate for all projects approved through this program.

Suntech expects to be responsible for 20% of these applications, participating as the system owner or partial investor in several projects. The company has already completed 4MW of the approved projects with plans to develop the remaining projects by the middle of next year. Specific project agreements will be signed prior to implementation.

"Building energy use accounts for roughly 28% of total energy consumption in China and is a critical front in the drive to achieve higher energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions," said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech's chairman and CEO. "The Ministry of Finance Solar Building Program recognizes the huge opportunity to offset building energy consumption with integrated solar energy generation. We are very pleased to demonstrate the capability of this technology and we hope to see this valuable solar program expanded in 2010 and beyond."

The Solar Rooftop Program is designed to place emphasis on highly integrated forms of PV. Suntech is just one company who is shifting dedication to BIPV products with an experienced system design and integration teams as the PV market moves in this direction.

"Solar is an ideal solution to improve energy efficiency as it can be built into the skin of a building and serves the dual function of a building material and an energy generating system. We should view the countless rooftops across China as an underutilized resource that can easily support clean, distributed energy generation," added Dr. Shi.


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