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Delhi insist on solar power use for billboards

Sep 6, 2007 - The Hindu


Hoardings brighten the cityscape but require precious power.
Photo: Mohammed Yousuf

New Delhi - Delhi government has decided to pass an order for compulsory use of solar power for advertising hoardings and water heating in government and some categories of buildings.

"The Delhi Government has agreed to pass an order on the lines of one passed by Andhra Pradesh government in August making use of solar energy for advertising hoardings, street lighting and hot water for certain category of buildings mandatory," Minister for Non-Conventional Energy Resourses Vilas Muttemwar said.

"I spoke with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and some of his ministerial colleagues on suggestions for energy conversation and even before I returned to Delhi they issued a government order to this effect," he said at a National Conference on Renewable Energy for Urban Areas.

As per the Andhra government order, all municipal commissioners and vice-chairmen of Urban Development Bodies shall take immediate action for installation of solar water system on existing municipal and urban development bodies' buildings and any new building being built by them. They have also been directed to use energy efficient lamps.

The order also says that lights of advertisement hoardings shall be powered by solar photo voltaic systems at the cost of the franchisee and conventional street lights shall be replaced by solar photovoltaic powered ones.

The building plan of hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, guest houses, lodges and multi-storey buildings would be sanctioned only if they make a provision for solar water heating systems and energy efficient lamps.


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