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Algeria urges Europe to remove constraints for exporting solar power

Sept. 20, 2011 -

ALGIERS, Jun 21, 2011 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- CEO of the Algerian state run electricity and gas distributor Sonelgaz Group, Noureddine Bouterfa, has urged Europe to remove all constraints hindering exporting Algerian solar power to Europe.

Bouterfa has been quoted by Algerian Radio as saying that exporting this clean energy remains a main goal of the company, yet, some conditions have to be gathered in order to achieve this goal.

He stated those who are in need of solar power (referring to European countries) have to remove all constraints in order to generate the required budget to launch this project.


Bouterfa further mentioned the existence of a European decree banning the import of solar power.

The Algerian official explained that transferring solar power to Europe should be done via Spain and Italy, but the problem is that these two countries' local power networks are overloaded, adding that there's a technical problem hindering exporting electricity to Europe.

He revealed however the existence of a study aiming at examining the possibility of integrating the Maghreb electricity market in that of Europe.

He said a range of 6,000 to 10,000 megawatts is the maximum quantity of solar power which could be exported to Europe within the 20 upcoming years.

Algeria Minister of Energy and Mines, Youcef Yousfi declared last May that his country is ready to set up a long term partnership with Europe in terms of the establishment of 400 billion Euro solar energy electricity project.

Yet, the North African country required transferring technology related to this unprecedented huge renewable energy project to Algeria, including the production of the project's equipments.


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