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Bangladesh to make installation of solar panels mandatory

Jun 6, 2008 - Xinhua

The Bangladeshi government has decided to bring changes in the country's existing building code to make installation of solar panels on top of high-rise buildings mandatory, aiming to reduce dependency on conventional power.

Secretary of Bangladesh's Power Ministry Dr. M Fouzul Kabir Khan said Friday his ministry has been given the task to recommend for necessary changes in the building code to make installation of solar panels mandatory.

Khan said setting up of solar panels will reduce electricity consumption in high-rise buildings and help utilize the solar power.

He said the change in the building code and adoption of renewable energy policy will help expansion of renewable energy projects all over the country.

The share of renewable energy in total electricity production is only 1 percent in Bangladesh.

Currently, Bangladesh's total power generation is hovering around 3,500 Megawatt against the estimated demand for over 5,000 Megawatt every day.


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