ADB plans to build wind power projects in 5,000 villages nationwide0

ADB plans to build wind power projects in 5,000 villages nationwide

Jul 12, 2010 - Asia Pulse Data Source

The Asian Development Bank plans to put up small wind power projects in about 5,000 villages in the country.

Jiwan Acharaya, ADB specialist on Regional and Sustainable Development Department, said the small wind projects hope to provide reliable supply of power in the countryside.

"[Small wind] is a sustainable solution for rural, remote and dispersed markets, reducing energy import dependence, and entailing no fuel price risk or constraints," he said.

Acharya said the wind power projects would have a capacity of 100 kilowatts each.

"It will explore innovative and practical approaches to reduce costs of wind power equipment by transferring appropriate technologies and optimizing manufacturing processes," he said.

Acharaya said the project is also expected to foster public-private partnerships to stimulate investment and research and development activities for clean and renewable energy as well as displace combustion of biomass and fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"It will also improve national and village-level capacities for planning, implementing, and maintaining decentralized systems for power generation and distribution," he said.

At least US$ 3.87 million funding has been allocated by ADB for the project, which also includes Nepal and Mongolia .

Last year, ADB approved a total of US$ 1.6 billion in financing operations through loans, grants, guarantee, a trade finance facilitation program, equity investments, and technical assistance projects. ADB also mobilized co-financing amounting to US$ 3.2 billion.

The Philippines wind power generating potential stands at 76,600 megawatts, studies show. (PNA)