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Spain's wind energy generation reaches new high, exceeding all other forms

Mar 20, 2007 The Associated Press

MADRID, Spain: Taking advantage of a particularly gusty period, Spain's wind energy generators this week reached an all-time high in electricity production, exceeding power generated by all other means, the nation's electricity network authority said Tuesday in a statement.

At 17.40 (1640 GMT) on Monday wind power generation rose to contribute 27 percent of the country's total power requirement, Red Electrica said.

At that moment wind power contributed 8,375 mega watts to the nation's power consumption of 31,033. Nuclear power, the second largest contributor, added 6,797 mega watts, while coal-fired electric generation came third with 5,081, the statement said.

National broadcaster TVE said it believed this may have been the first time wind power exceeded nuclear power's contribution to the power grid.

Over the course of last year wind power contributed nine percent of the nation's requirement while coal-fired power stations put in 24 percent and nuclear power 22 percent.

Spain has in recent years turned to harnessing wind power through the use of tall, slender electricity generating turbines on remote hillsides.