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China To Build 400 Wind Towers To Survey Wind Resources

Feb 2, 2008 - iNSnet.org (ChinaCSR)

China will build 400 wind towers of 70 meters and 100 meters high in regions where there is abundant wind energy to carry out a detailed survey and evaluation of the country's wind resources and potential. Gansu Weather Bureau's Wind and Solar Energy Evaluation Center will be responsible for building 17 70-meter high wind towers and two 100-meter high wind towers in Gansu's Hexi Corridor, Baiyin and Qingyang, to offer data support for the region's wind power plant construction.

The establishment of the wind towers in Gansu is part of China's wind resource survey efforts. According to Zhang Cunjie, a representative from GWBWSEEC, about 400 wind towers of 70 meters high and 100 meters high will be built in areas that have rich wind energy or big potential in developing wind power, and a survey and evaluation report will be worked out before 2011 through two years' consecutive observation.

The goal of making this national wind resource survey and evaluation is to set up a national wind energy evaluation system that combines wind energy observation net, data simulation and comprehensive evaluation, and prepare a wind power project with about 50 million kilowatt capacity based on the survey result.