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McGuinty Government Approves New Green Power Projects

Eight New Wind Projects And One Hydro Project Enough To Power 250,000 Homes

November 21, 2005 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

QUEEN’S PARK – The McGuinty government has approved nine clean, renewable energy projects that will provide enough power for more than 250,000 homes, Energy Minister Donna Cansfield announced today.

"The new projects announced today will provide 975 megawatts of clean, renewable energy," Cansfield said. "The success of this request for proposals means that, combined with our first renewables RFP (request for proposals) completed last year, we will be adding over 1,300 megawatts of wind power to Ontario’s electricity system. We’re on track to achieve our goal of ten per cent of Ontario’s generation coming from renewable sources by 2010."

The projects, which include eight new wind farms and a waterpower project, are the result of the province’s second request for proposals seeking approximately 1,000 megawatts of new renewable energy. The selected projects will spur economic development in the renewable energy sector and will bring an estimated $2 billion of new investment to Ontario.

"It clearly makes sense for Ontario to increase production of electricity from clean energy resources ," said David Butters, President of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario. "We've maintained that the private sector will step up to the plate to invest capital in renewable generation projects if there is an appropriate competitive procurement and this is the second time they have done so ."

"The response to this RFP shows just how much potential this province has for renewable energy," Cansfield said. "With such good proposals to choose from, we can ensure the most viable, cost-effective projects for Ontario’s electricity consumers."

Combined with 395 megawatts of renewable energy capacity announced last year, these projects mean the government has now contracted for 1,370 megawatts of new renewable capacity. The government will continue to move forward towards meeting its target of adding 2,700 megawatts of new renewable energy by 2010.

In just two years, the McGuinty government has advanced projects that will provide Ontario with nearly 9,000 megawatts of power by 2010 — enough power for 4 million homes.

The McGuinty government is committed to protecting the interests of Ontarians by ensuring a reliable, sustainable and diverse supply of competitively priced power for the province, while promoting energy conservation.