Bangladesh Renewable Energy Society for Wind Energy -

Bangladesh Renewable Energy Society for Wind Energy

May 17, 2010 -

Bangladesh Renewable Energy Society (BRES) yesterday emphasised the need for increased use of wind energy to meet the ever-increasing demand of power in the country. Wind energy is being treated as the fasted growing renewable energy technology in the world.

Addressing a press conference, former foreign secretary and BRES chairman Muhammad Zamir said, "Offshore wind is now getting priority all over the world. In Bangladesh , we have 750 KM sea line, where investigation to assess potential is essential."

He said until June 2008, Germany reached wind power capacity to 22,000 MW , USA 18,000 MW, India 8,000 MW and China 6,000 MW.

Zamir emphasised the need for setting up of a department to implement the national energy policy and set target of 10 per cent energy from renewable sources by 2020. "The department will set short and long term plan to achieve the goal."

He said out of 22 gas fields discovered so far, part of 15 gas fields remains and will be exhausted soon. 90 per cent of the country's electricity is gas based.

"It clearly indicates that, very soon we are going to see a Bangladesh without gas and electricity. To face this grave situation, we must go for renewable sources of energy. Our climate is favourable for most of the renewable energy technologies. These can reach the rural, where grid power or piped gas can't reach," Zamir noted. He said the proposed national budget has exempted all taxes and VATs from solar, but in the SRO, issued by the NBR, nothing has been mentioned about solar trade. "To encourage the private sector to join in renewable energy technologies business, all taxes should be exempted fro all such import, manufacturing and trade," he added.

Managing Director of Grameen Shakti Dipal Barua said, "We are giving clean power to 230,000 rural families at the cost of kerosene, producing clean gas and valuable organic fertiliser from 7,000 biogas plants."

Rahimafrooz Director Munowar Mishbah Moin said, "By expanding renewable energy technologies, we are reducing carbon and can claim carbon trading fund. Government support is needed in this regard."