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China to Build Tens of Millions Kilowatt Wind Farms

Sep 21, 2007 - SinoCast

Beijing - China is likely to build 10,000-megawatt-class wind farms in the future, revealed Wu Guihui, deputy director of the Energy Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission at the Southern China International Energy Summit held in Guangzhou on September 19.

The director introduced the basic situation of China's energy industry and the future development plan.

In the eleventh Five-Year Plan period from 2006 to 2010, China will aggressively develop wind energy, namely, to build several 1000MW wind power bases in Hebei, Jiangsu, Gansu Provinces, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and an array of wind power projects with installed capacity above 100MW. As to tens of millions kilowatt wind power bases, they are not possible to be completed within the period.

China's installed capacity of wind power generators is 2.6 million kilowatts currently, and will rise to 5000MW in 2010, 10,000MW in 2015 and 30,000MW in 2020, forecasts Chinese Wind Energy Association.