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‘Energy Super Ring’ of Offshore Wind Farms Could Mean Europe’s Energy Independence

Jan 16, 2009 - Matthew McDermott - TreeHugger

Northern Europeans, do you want to be energy independent? Then OMA Zeekracht has a plan for you. Though just a concept, a newly released master plan, commissioned by the Netherland’s Society for Nature & Environment, shows how by building an “energy super ring” of wind turbines in the North Sea enough energy could be generated to entirely replace that coming from oil imports from the Persian Gulf. Here’s what the plan calls for: 13,400 TWh of Wind Power Available in North Sea Based on calculations of the theoretical maximum wind power which could be produced in the North Sea—areas beyond 50m in depth, inshore areas and a shipping area allowance of 15% were excluded from the calculations—the report says that some 13,400 TWh of electricity could be generated. This compares to some 11,300 TWh equivalent energy coming in from the Persian Gulf. The energy produced would then be distributed to the surrounding nations (see image below).

An additional benefit of the plan being touted is that, as commercial fishing would be limited within the area of the wind farms, wildlife would be given greater protection that currently exists.

More: BD has a downloadable version of the master plan