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E.ON Delivers First Phases of the Worlds Largest Wind Farm

Sep 22, 2008 - U.S. Newswire

E.ON Climate & Renewables officially opened the first two phases of its wind farm in Roscoe, Texas, today. The wind farm can now generate 335.5 MW of electricity, enough to power over 100,000 homes. Once all four phases are completed in mid-2009, Roscoe will be the worlds largest wind farm with 627 wind turbines and a total capacity of 781.5 MW enough to power 265,000 Texan homes.

We have managed to grow our worldwide wind power capacity fourfold to 1,800 MW in the last fifteen months. Just under half of that capacity is in the United States. This growth, and the development of the Roscoe wind farm in particular, underscore our interest in long-term investments and high-quality renewable projects in the United States, said Frank Mastiaux, CEO of E.ON Climate & Renewables. This project is an example of our strategic drive to move the renewables business from boutique to an industrial scale.

The Roscoe wind farm is one of six that E.ON Climate & Renewables operates in the U.S., five of which are in Texas. The company has ambitious plans to expand its renewable capacity around the world at an increasing pace over the next few years. According to E.ON CEO Wulf Bernotat, E.ON has made great strides in expanding renewable energy generation. We will invest euro 6 billion through to 2010 alone. Our aim is to reach a capacity of at least 10,000 MW by 2015, which excludes our hydroelectric power capacity.

North America is one of the most attractive markets for renewable energy in the world and as a result the U.S. will remain our largest single market in the future.

E.ON Climate & Renewables projects in North America and Europe will play a major role in E.ON reaching its target of cutting specific CO2 emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030.

Background information:

E.ON Climate & Renewables currently operates wind farms in the United States with an installed power of 727 MW.

Roscoe Phase 1 209 MW Roscoe, Texas

Panther Creek Phase 1 142.5 MW Big Spring, Texas

Roscoe Phase 2 126.5 MW Roscoe, Texas

Forest Creek 124.2 MW Big Spring, Texas

Sand Bluff 90 MW Big Spring, Texas

Munnsville 34.5 MW Munnsville, New York

E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) is responsible for activities of the E.ON group in renewable energy sources and environmental protection around the world. Tapping renewable energy sources offers enormous alternatives, both from a business perspective and for the environment. E.ON Climate & Renewables will invest over euro 6 billion in renewable energy and environmental protection projects by 2010 to expand the share of renewable energy sources in the E.ON portfolio for the long term. E.ON has thus taken a leading role in developing renewable energy sources worldwide. For more information, see http://www.eon.com.

This press release may contain certain information about the future that is based on current assumptions and forecasts made by the management of the E.ON group and other information currently available. Various known and unknown risks and uncertainties as well as other factors may cause the actual results, financial situation, development or group performance to differ considerably from the estimates made here. E.ON AG does not intend to update such future- oriented statements, will not assume any responsibility for doing so, and will not update statements based on future events or developments.

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