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Already Subscribed With Wind, Wyoming-Colorado Intertie Offers More Capacity

Nov 25, 2008 - Wind Energy Weekly

Less than three months after deeming its open season capacity auction a success when wind developers jumped to secure space on the planned transmission line, the Wyoming-Colorado Intertie (WCI) announced it is making available the remaining 265 MW of unsold capacity.

In late August WCI announced that Duke Energy Ohio, Inc., and GreenHunter Wind, LLC, were awarded a total of 585 MW in capacity (about 70% of total capacity) on the planned 345-kV line that would link Wyoming with Colorado (see Wind Energy Weekly#1304). GreenHunter Wind and Duke Energy Ohio are both wind developers with wind farms under development near Chugwater, Wyo.

Now the additional capacity is being made available on an application basis in conformity with the WCI Open Access Transmission Tariff that is posted on the WCI Web site, www.WCIntertie.com . Qualified applicants will be awarded capacity at the posted minimum price after a posting period of 30 days following the submittal of a completed application, unless applications exceed the 265 MW available, which would trigger an auction process.

The WCI Project is a public-private development partnership involving the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, Trans-Elect Development Co., LLC, and the Western Area Power Administration, with Trans-Elect leading the development effort.