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Asia's first sea wind power plant completes installation in Shanghai

Feb 27, 2010 - Xinhua

Asia's first sea wind power plant completed the installation of its 34 windmills Saturday afternoon in Shanghai.

The power plant, with an overall capacity of 102,000 kilowatts and costing 2.365 billion yuan (346.47 million U.S. dollars), is 1 to 4 km east of Shanghai's Donghai Bridge and 8 to 13 km south of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, where the water is 10 meters deep on average.

Three windmills, installed earlier, had been connected to the grid and generated 7.35 million KWH of electricity. All the windmills were expected to be connected to the grid by the middle of this year, said Lu Zhongmin, chief engineer of Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute,designer of the plant.

The power plant can resist strong typhoons, the greatest enemy of windmills. It can sustain gales up to 50 meters per second. Three of them had already been tested by a typhoon in 2009, Lu said.