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Turkey to provide Iraq with electricity

May 08, 2011 - alsumaria.tv

Iraq Ministry of Electricity announced on Thursday that it inked an agreement with Turkey to provide Iraq with electricity during summer 2011 and to increase the share of Euphrates river water arriving to Iraq. The ministry said that in 2012 Iraq will connect its electricity grid with that of turkey.

“Iraq Ministry of Electricity agreed with Turkey that the latter shall provide Iraq with 200 Megawatts of electricity the current summer thru Al Mosul distribution line after rehabilitating the same during the next two months,” Iraq Minister of Electricity said in a press conference held at the Ministry and attended by Alsumarianews. “Turkey also agreed to provide Iraq with an additional 100 megawatts thru Turkey-Syria-Iraq power-line given that works in preparing this line end”, he added.

“The ministry also agreed with Turkey on increasing the quantity of water in Euphrates in order for Iraq to operate a new developed power station with a productivity capacity of 400 megawatt”, the minister uttered. “Iraq is waiting to negotiate with Syria so as it allows this increase to reach Iraq”, he added.

“Iraq will connect its electricity system with that of Turkey officially as of November 2012 after Turkey finishes works in its distribution lines”, Shalal said. “Iraq finished all its logistic and technical preparations in this regard”, he stressed.

The regional electricity system is part of the Arab Electricity Grids Interconnection Projects and it is known by Eight Country Interconnection Project, it includes: Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Libya and Iraq. This project is hoped to be implemented in the upcoming period.
Iraq imports 400 megawatts thru three electricity lines: Karmanshah – Diyala and Serbil – Zuhab – Khankin.

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