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Iran to complete Central Asian powerline links early 2008

Dec 20, 2007 - Asia In Focus

Two electricity transmission lines to Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan will be set up by March 20, which marks the end of the current Iranian year of 1386, based on a policy to expand links with neighboring states. An official in charge of power transmission projects at Iran's Power Development Organization, Khalil Laleh said Saturday that the projects for power transfer include setting up power transfer lines, telecommunications networking, optic fiber installation and expansion of high voltage posts.

* Laleh said that his organization is now implementing 14 projects for power transfer by establishing 1,641 kms of power transmission lines, 10,000 kms of optic fiber lines and 23 high voltage posts.

* He said that since the start of the year on March 20, his organization has successfully implemented the Masjid Suleyman-Ahvaz 2 power transfer project by extending lines along 112 kms and also the Abadan-Shalamcheh line along 31 kms to link up with Iraq power network.

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