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Taiwan Power plans to lay undersea electric cable to Penghu

Aug 7, 2007 - Asia In Focus

TAIPEI: State-owned TAIWAN POWER CO. announced Monday a plan to construct a 60 kilometre undersea electric cable linking Taiwan proper and its outlying island of Penghu as part of the company's efforts to secure supplies of wind-powered electricity between the two places. The NT$14.68 billion (US$445 million) plan is currently undergoing an environmental impact assessment, a company spokesman said, who estimated that the entire project will be finished in November 2012 if the assessment is completed by the end of this year.

* Once the cable is completed, wind-powered electricity on Penghu could be produced on a massive scale, the spokesman noted.

* The undersea electric cable will serve as a backup system, but one which the spokesman said must be put in place in advance.

Taiwan Power announces plan to construct 60 km undersea electric cable linking Taiwan and outlying island of Penghu

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