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Uzbekistan prepared to increase electricity supply to Afghanistan

Jun 29, 2007 - Asia Pulse Data Source

Uzbekistan is prepared to participate in Afghanistan's recovery and will increase the supplies of electric energy to the neighbouring country, UzbekEnergo press service said.

A memorandum of cooperation in energy sector was signed between the two countries in November 2006. In accordance with the agreement, construction of Hayraton and Surkhon substations is underway. UzbekEnergo press service said if the Afghan side completes its obligations on the construction of the substation, Uzbekistan will increase electric power flow to 300 MW.

"Uzbekistan is prepared to participate in the projects aimed at the recovery of Afghanistan's infrastructure.

Cooperation in the field of power industry is an important element of bilateral relations between the two countries. Uzbekistan has the capacity to further increase power supplies to Afghanistan," press service quoted the head of UzbekEnergo B. Teshabaev. Cooperation in the energy sector was at the centre of discussion during the meeting between the Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Afghanistan Muhammad Ismailhan and UzbekEnergo CEO Botir Teshabaev.

During the talks the parties noted the important role of energy cooperation in the relations of the two countries.

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