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Albania, Kosovo sign power line agreements

Jan 30, 2009 - BBC Monitoring

Albania and Kosovo agreed on Friday [30 January] to implement two projects, construction of Kosovo-Albania 400 kV interconnection line and interconnection agreement between two power transmitting companies.

Official sources told ATA on Friday that Albanian Power Transmitting System Operator (APTSO) and Kosovo Market and Transmission System Operator (KMTSO) signed two important agreements on energy for both countries.

The agreement was signed by APTSO Director General Ymer Balla and KMTSO Managing Director Fadil Ismajli.

The project for construction of Albania-Kosovo 400 kV interconnection line envisions construction of a 400 kV high voltage line with a length of 238 km, 153 km of which will be in Albanian territory and 85 km in Kosovo territory.

The implementation of the project is due to start within 2009 and will end after 20 months. The total cost is estimated at 70 million euros for the Albanian side and is expected to be financed by German KfW Bank, while the Kosovo side will be financed by German government through KfW Bank for Development.

The line will have an impact on optimization of both systems, enhancement of transmission capacities, increase of safety and credibility of electro energy systems of Albania and Kosovo.

Source: ATA, Tirana, in English 1915 gmt 30 Jan 09

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