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Albania, Kosovo Work on "Unification" of Energy Systems

Feb 15, 2008 - BBC Monitoring European

Albania and Kosova (Kosovo) are working to realize an increase in the level of power exchanges and unification of energetic systems between both countries to guarantee security in power supply at different periods of time.

According to KESH sources, unification of systems consists in the fact that as Albania generates electricity through hydro-power stations, Kosova covers most of demands for energy through thermal- power stations running on coal.

For several consecutive years, power exchanges between both countries are carried out at normal rates. Both countries receive and give energy according to their needs favoured by different generation systems.

But the exchange between both systems will further expand with construction of 400 kv inter-connection line Vau i Dejes-Prizren. The German Bank KfW has completed a study on construction of this new line between both systems which expects financing.

The governments of both countries have already made institutional steps which precede the joint projects in energetic sector. On Oct 17, 2006, in Tirana, Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy Genc Ruli signed two understanding agreements in sector of energy with special envoy of UN secretary-general Joachim Rucker and the then Kosovar Minister of Energy and Mines E'them Ceku.

The first understanding agreement includes exchange of electricity between Albania and Kosova at different periods of time according to the needs of each state. The second understanding agreement includes construction of new 400 KV inter-connection line Albania-Kosova that will increase opportunities for energy exchanges not only between both countries but will have a positive impact on the whole Balkans region as well.

Work for construction of a new line has been projected by Albanian energetic sector. With financing and support of experts picked by German Bank KfW, one of the donors of Albanian projects for energetic system, the study on this line has completed. On November 4, 2007, directors of OST (Transmission System Operator) reported that work was underway to construct the 400 kV inter- connection line which will connect the two energetic systems Albania- Kosova.

The negotiations with German bank KfW are underway to cover the cost for its construction with the aim to start works in 2008 as a line of double value. First, energy in Kosova is generated through thermal sources whereas in Albania through hydric resources, which is a good reason for its construction as it will help both countries cover the needs for energy in different periods of time through alternations.

Secondly, this line as part of energy inter-connections among other region countries will have an impact on creation of regional energy market including the Balkan countries.

The Albanian government is not expecting finances, because all the opportunities exist for the 400 kv line project to be built through private investments. The new law "On concessions" has aroused the interest of foreign companies interested in investments even in energy transmission system. Official sources from Energy Transmission Operator report that these procedures are expected to include several international energy transmission lines.

Originally published by ATA, Tirana, in English 1633 14 Feb 08.

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