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Albanian, Kosovo ministers discuss energy cooperation

May 15, 2008 - BBC Monitoring

The [Albanian] Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy Genc Ruli held a meeting on Thursday (15 May] with for ministers from Kosova [Kosovo], respectively Minister of Energy Justina Pulja, Minister of Economy and Finance Ahmet Shala, Minister of Trade and Industry Lutfi Zharku and the Minister of Tourism and Territorial Planning Mihar Jagxhillari.

Talks between Ruli and Kosovar ministers were focused on cooperation between two energy systems, increase of trade exchanges, sharing expertise in different economic domains, tourism etc.

Minister Ruli stressed the importance of governmental agreements between two countries after the declaration of the new Kosova state.

Dwelling upon the importance of developing projects on energy sector, largely favoured by thermo and hydro power generation capabilities of both energy systems, Minister Ruli said that "the construction of 400 kilovolt transmission line between two energy systems is very crucial. The German development bank KfW has already completed the feasibility study of the 400 kilovolt transmission line and we are making efforts to provide the financial means".

According to Ruli, the aforesaid project is of a very importance to our regional energy market as the energy sector remains one of the major challenges the region and entire world faces.

Likewise, Ruli emphasized the need of increasing trade exchanges between two our countries and realization of several important agreements on boosting economic cooperation in different fields and sectors.

On their part, Kosovar ministers expressed their pleasure of increasing cooperation between our countries and stressed the need of further consolidation of economic ties.

Source: ATA, Tirana, in English 1418 gmt 15 May 08

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