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Kosovo, Albania Sign Memorandum on Exchange of Electricity

Sep 10, 2008 - BBC Monitoring European

The Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) of Kosova [Kosovo] and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Energy of Albania signed today a memorandum of cooperation, which aims the enlargement of the connection infrastructures as well the exchange of experiences between the two countries.

The memorandum foresees the exchange of electric energy between Kosova and Albania during the year. This agreement deals with the planning of fulfilment of the needs not only for businesses but also for households.

The minister of economy, trade and energy of Albania, Genc Ruli, said that the signing of this memorandum is a product of a diplomatic exchange and the work of the two ministries.

"This agreement is not only a diplomatic and political step but also a necessity imposed by the circumstances in the energy market in region and the world," Ruli said.

On the other hand, the minister of MEM, Justina Shiroka-Pula, said that the cooperation between Kosova and Albania is very necessary due to the character of the energy systems they have.

She said that the cooperation between the two countries will continue in the future through joint investments.

"We are exploring the possibilities in which sector we can make a joint investment," Minister Pula said.

Originally published by KosovaLive website, Pristina, in English 9 Sep 08.

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