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Macedonian Government Allows Electricity Import

Feb 28, 2008 - BBC Monitoring European

The government has decided to allow Macedonian Transmission System Operator (MEPSO) import of additional electricity due to the poor water accumulation, said Government Spokesman Ivica Bocevski at Thursday's [28 February] press conference.

A total of 300GWh electricity will be imported through a public procedure.

Bocevski stated that the decision for electricity import was adopted upon the proposal of the Economy Ministry, which carried out prior consultations with all companies within the energy sector.

Asked if somebody would take responsibility for the emergency import, Bocevski stressed that no one can control weather and climate changes, which are the main reason for the import.

Originally published by MIA news agency, Skopje, in English 1310 28 Feb 08.

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The line of 35.3 kilometres is worth Euro 6.5 million.

The line will boost the transborder cooperation in the region. Therefore, we have been supporting these projects, Greek representative Evangelos Lekacas said.

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