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Turkmen eastern region gets power grid

Jun 19, 2008 - BBC Monitoring

An important step has been made to establish a unified power supply grid in Lebap [eastern Turkmenistan], a region with huge mineral resources and industrial potential. Among recently constructed and commissioned facilities there are: the 220/110/35-kV Farap transformer substation and two overhead high-voltage transmission lines Farap-Samandepe and Samandepe-Yasyldepe both are fed from this substation.

Apart from this, the Yasyldepe transformer substation and the 110-kV Yasyldepe-Burdalyk power transmission line have also been commissioned there.

All these facilities are important links of a big industrial centre being constructed there Yasyldepe gas processing complex [close to border with Uzbekistan]. The recently modernized 110/10-kV Burdalyk transformer substation is also contributing to the region's energy capacity.

The total cost of all facilities built by subdivisions of Turkmenenergo [Turkmen power] state concern amounts to 46.6bn manats [some 3.2m dollars].

[Passage omitted: more power transmission lines will be built there by 2020]

Source: Neytralnyy Turkmenistan, Asgabat, in Russian 19 Jun 08 p1

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