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Vietnam Hooks National Power Grid With Cambodia, Laos for Trading

Sep 25, 2007 - BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific

Hanoi (VNA) - The Electricity of Vietnam group (EVN) has revealed a plan to hook the national grid onto those of neighbouring countries for power trading.

From now to 2010, Vietnam will supply Cambodia between 80-200 MW through a 220kV line linking the Thot Not station in the Mekong delta to Cambodia's Phnom Penh.

In the second phase from 2015-2016, the grid will be spliced right in Ho Chi Minh City once the construction of the Lower Sesan 1 and Lower Serepok 2 hydro-electricity power plants in Cambodia is completed.

EVN plans to import up to 1,600 MW from Laos's Sekaman 1, Sekong 4 and 5, and Nam Kong hydro-electricity power plants through two 500kV lines connecting Laos's Nam Theun and Ban Sok to central Ha Tinh province and Pleiku city of central highlands Gia Lai provinc, respectively.

The group also plans to connect the national power grid to that in Thailand in order to sell power in March and April and buy power in periods from June to August and October to December.

Since October 2004, Vietnam has bought close to 200 MW through a 110kV line and 250-300 MW through a 220 kV line running from China. The two neighbouring countries plan for connection through a 500kV line.

Originally published by VNA news agency website, Hanoi, in English 25 Sep 07.

(c) 2007 BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

Source: BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific

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