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International Power Group Moves Forward in Process of Establishing Waste-to-Energy Plants in Saudi A...

Aug 23, 2006 - Business Wire

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International Power Group Ltd., (Pink Sheets: IPWG) has received authorization from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Presidency of Metrology and Environment (PME) office to begin its due diligence in the city of Jizan, to determine the viability of establishing the Company's first waste-to-energy plant in Saudi Arabia. Jizan is located in the southwest of the Kingdom, near the border of Yemen. A team of consulting engineers and scientists working with IPWG will be conducting the research in Jizan.

Peter Toscano, CEO of IPWG, said: "We are pleased with the rapid progress being made towards establishing our first waste-to-energy facilities in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's economy is one of the world's fastest-growing. This fast growth has strained the Kingdom's limited drinking water supply and its electricity resources. IPWG's waste-to-energy technology, with its purified drinking water by-product, is, we believe, the perfect solution to the Kingdom's waste disposal, drinking water and electricity needs."

Once this location is determined as viable, a timetable will be developed for construction of the waste-to-energy facility. The Company expects that plant construction would begin in late 2006.

About International Power Group, Ltd.

International Power Group, Ltd. is a multifaceted alternative energy solutions company dedicated to providing energy solutions in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner. Through its subsidiaries, strategically placed around the world, and its strategic partnerships, IPWG intends to provide turnkey waste disposal, electricity and potable water production plants and systems. The Company intends to establish waste-to-energy facilities to convert commercial, hazardous, organic and toxic wastes into saleable electricity and potable water. IPWG believes it is uniquely positioned to produce revenue from in-processing waste and out- processing electricity and drinking water, addressing the growing need globally for renewable "green" sources of energy.

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