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National Grid, RTE and Elia to Launch Market Consultation Over Interconnectors

Sep 8, 2008 - Datamonitor

RTE and Elia, the transmission system operators in France and Belgium, together with National Grid in the UK, have announced that they will launch an electricity market consultation regarding grid interconnection between Britain and the rest of Europe.

The consultation will seek views on the future need for the increased exchange capacities between the UK and the rest of Europe, such as the construction of an additional interconnector between France and Great Britain.

The consultation is against the background of grid investment needed across Europe in the coming years to accommodate the growth of renewables and other new power stations.

To anticipate these medium to long-term electricity market developments, the consultation asks for feedback on additional interconnection capacity and on longer-term capacity products, perhaps up to 10-year duration, as market participants may wish to develop long-term cross-border supply positions

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