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Reid Statement on Bill to Build Renewable Energy Transmission Lines In Nevada

Washington, DC-Nevada Senator Harry Reid made the following statement today at a hearing held by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to look at solutions for installing renewable energy transmission lines in Nevada and across the West. A strong renewable energy industry will create thousands of good-paying jobs, increase rural economic development opportunities, and help our environment.

"If 20% of the nation's power came from renewable energy by 2020, which happens to be the same standard in Nevada but for 2015, we would create at least 185,000 new jobs and actually save consumers $10.5 billion in lower electricity and natural gas bills," Reid said. "The West will need 7,500 miles of new transmission lines over the next decade to significantly expand renewable energy production. The Western Governors Association and the states of Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Colorado and California are beginning to consider how to connect renewable resources to transmission. This is responsible action, but their efforts will not be sufficient without more constructive Federal involvement."

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