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China, Russia Inked Power purchase Contract

Nov 14, 2006 - SinoCast

BEIJING - Liu Zhenya and Anatoly Chubais, the general director of China's power giant the State Grid Corporation of China and the president of Russia's largest power holding Unified Energy System of Russia (RAO UESR), signed an electric power-purchase contract on November 9, according to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) of China.

Actually, the contract is a first-phase electric power-purchase contract, which is contained by a long term cooperation agreement signed by the two companies one year earlier.

According to the agreement, the cooperation between the two countries in the field of electric power will be conducted in three steps. During the first phase from 2006 to 2010, Russia will supply 3.6 billion to 4.3 billion kilowatt-hours of power to China's Heilongjiang province every year. By 2010, Russia will start to supply 16.5 billion to 18 billion kilowatt-hours of power to China's Liaoning province every year. After 2015, Russia will supply totally 38 billion kilowatt-hours of power to north part and northeast part of China every year.