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China to Transmit Electricity to Southeast Asia

BEIJING, Oct 10, 2006 - SinoCast

The first Sino-Vietnam 220-KV Electricity Transmission Line has been formally put into production. China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG) has started to transmit electricity to North Vietnam.

CSG is the first Chinese electric power enterprise that has cooperation with foreign country. As early as October 31, 2005, CSG had reached Electricity Sales Agreement with Vietnam and this Electricity Transmission Line was constructed this February. At present, the second Sino-Vietnam 220-KV electricity transmission line is being constructed and it is planned to come into production in April 2007. Moreover, the 500-KV electricity transmission line between China and Vietnam is in progress.

Under the situation of shortage of energy, Chinese enterprises are playing an active part in international competition. China is speeding up the pace for cooperation and exchanges with such sub-regional areas as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and the Philippines in the field of electric power, like development of electric resources and establishment of power plants.