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Russia to Start Power Transmission to China in 08

Sep 21, 2007 - SinoCast

Russia is estimated to start to transmit electricity China from 2008, in the first phase of a program between the two country, said Leonid Drachevsky, deputy chairman of RAO "UES of Russia", the largest energy giant in Russia.

China and Russia have signed big power transmission agreements, according to which Russia will supply electricity to China in three phases, revealed the chairman at a press conference held by the Russian news center in Beijing.

In the first phase, Russia will use available power generation and transmission equipment in the border areas to supply power to China. It will gradually increase the transmission amount from 2-3 billion kilowatt-hours to 60 billion kilowatt-hours a year. In the following phases, the two parties will build a large number of power generation and transmission facilities. They have reached consensus on the pricing pattern.