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Georgia, Iran Agree On Electricity Barter

Jan 24, 2006 - United Nations Observer Mission on Georgia

Georgia and Iran have reached a barter agreement on electricity supplies, Energy Minister Nika Gilauri announced on his return from a visit to Iran and Azerbaijan today [24 January]

. "We will supply Iran with electricity during the summer and Iran will supply us with electricity in the winter months, when Georgia''s energy system does not have sufficient resources," Gilauri said.

The minister said he had also discussed the possibility of Iran supplying Georgia with gas. "This was the first meeting we have had on this issue. We presented our proposals and we expect a response in the next few months," he said.

Gilauri underlined that Georgia has several proposals for the diversification of its gas supplies to ensure Georgia is no longer dependent on Russian gas. "However, at this stage I do not want to go into details," the minister told journalists. (Caucasus-Press)