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China reports 2 mln rural households without electricity

Oct 02, 2009 - Xinhua

China had about 2 million households without electric power and the average electric power consumption per capita per year stood at 300 kwh in 2008, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA).

When New China was founded in 1949, the electric power consumption per capita was less than 1 kwh across the country and the rural areas most had no electric power at all.

The country has input more than 400 billion yuan (58.57 billion U.S. dollars) for rural power construction since 1998.

Now most rural households enjoyed better living standards with improved energy infrastructure. Every 100 rural households now enjoy 99.2 color TV sets, 49.1 washing machines, 30.2 refrigerators and 9.8 air conditioners in 2008, according to official figures.