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Fuller Projection Dymaxion Globe

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The word Dymaxion (tm) and the Dymaxion Map design are trademarks of The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

The Dymaxion Map is copyrighted by The Buckminster Fuller Institute 1938, 1967, 1980 and 1992. All Rights Reserved.

To answer this question, Buckminster Fuller invented the Dymaxion (tm) globe and map.

The Dymaxion Globe has many advantages:
Unfolded, it has very little distortion and no breaks in the continental contours.

The Dymaxion map shows that all the continents are connected, or separated by relatively short distances.

This "one-world island in a one-world ocean" helps us visualize global resources, population and distribution patterns which characterize the complex trends and critical needs of today's world.

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Unfolding Dymaxion Map

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